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When Weight Loss is not that Pleasant?

When Weight Loss is not that Pleasant?

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When Weight Loss is not that Pleasant? Losing weight is not just a goal for millions of women today. For women, health magazines, blogs, and dietitians present it as a war of worlds. The pain and the shame of being fat is like filth for many who stand in the queue to know top 10 secrets to lose weight, and why not? It promises you a happier personal, professional, and most of all vibrant social life. Having a slim figure is the biggest dream for most women, especially after they get married and have kids. It’s a great challenge and a lady can go through strict self-disciplinary diets and physical workouts.

Weight loss is even the biggest ambition for some women. But, does that ensure real happiness and all that healthy attention you had been dreaming of post-weight loss? Results of many surveys conducted in different parts of the world demonstrate that the majority of women, who sweat hard to lose weight don’t find it quite pleasant in many cases. That’s because weight loss is something very emotional for women, and emotions, well, they’re complicated.

When Weight Loss is not that Pleasant?

Emotional Aspects

It isn’t a rule that fit and slim body will change your emotional state of being too. Your ambition to lose weight hints at your desire to be more accepted and that you lack appreciation for your body. Ultimately, it comes down to self-esteem, an intrinsic part of emotions. But, in many cases, as women begin to lose weight, they are likely to feel exposed and vulnerable to unwanted attention and feedbacks from people around them.


When Weight Loss is not that Pleasant?
When Weight Loss is not that Pleasant?

A woman’s weight and appearance are deeply connected to her self-image. How pleasant does it sound to suggest to yourself that you are filthy because you are fat! That’s negative feedback. It’s complicated beyond imagination. On a subconscious level, weight-loss goals can cost you a lot of forced negative feedback, which later your slim figure fails to compensate for. Even after losing weight and achieving the dream figure, you might not find it pleasant as you stirred your emotions and subconsciously harbored negative opinions about yourself. Well, salesmen, dieticians, and some friends just exaggerated ‘weight loss’ as an ultimate goal and if you fell into the trap, you’ll be issued a ticket for that sooner or later.

Attention Isn’t Always Complimentary

If you have lost 30 pounds of weight and went through a huge transformation in terms of physical appearance, you must also be prepared for the feedback you are going to receive from those who love you and others who’d never wanted you to get any better. A compliment with pun will confuse you more often than it’ll make you smile. A friend of yours, who happens to see you after a long time, surprisingly utters, “You are looking awesome now”. What can you make of that? Does that mean you weren’t that adorable earlier? Were you carrying around an ugly appearance for years at a stretch? Soon, you may start believing that you’ve lost many opportunities in all those lean years. Great emotional self-analytical complexities may soon begin to grasp your mind. You are happy that you lost weight, but that ‘peace of mind’ is still eluding you.

Fear of Going Back Haunts You

Fear of gaining weight all over again is one of the worst nightmares that can haunt you once you actually succeed in losing weight. You’ll have to maintain the routine and be extra careful that you don’t go back after all the trouble you took to get rid of that extra weight. Women follow new diet plans and exercise routines out of fear that they might gain weight again. If it does happen, it’s going to make you feel that everything you did to lose weight was wasted and you need to start again with self-restrictions. Getting to the point from where you had started haunts you.

Because Winning a Battle Must Pay

It wasn’t a task; it was a battle with the hatred for the body you had that actually served as a catalyst and motivated you to bring about extraordinary changes in diets and daily routine. It made you spend on fitness programs, fitness products, and the personal machine you bought to lose weight. Most of all, the time you devoted to workouts and every other minute detail linked to weight loss create towering high expectations of achievement. These expectations, in one way or the other, contaminate your emotions. How you feel begins a function of how the world looks at you. If the world made you feel like a winner, you might be happy, but what if it still didn’t work? In that case, you realize that your battle with yourself had no happy ending. This feeling can rather drag you back with a thought that so much was sacrificed for nothing.

Over Consciousness Snatches Your Freedom

The desire for attention dominates as an emotion for women. However, what if the attention exceeds the limits of your expectations? It’ll make you uncomfortable among your friends, colleagues, and relatives because you are always conscious that you’re being noticed.

Having a slim figure is a dream that every woman has a right to see. But, your reasons to lose weight should not be fear-based. You should first accept yourself as a beautiful person (which you are).

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